Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Update --- DEM Layer for Indonesia Country

To be used with Mapsource, Basecamp, and garmin units that supports 3d map.

This new version is actually the same as the previous one. the difference is that the new one consisted of smaller tiles, which will reduce the burden for slower computer. Although these have not been tested yet, but I think it should also reduce the burden for your garmin units.

If your computer/garmin unit does not have problem with the previous version, there is no need to download the new one.

With Basecamp 3.1.3, combination (either the previous or new version) with map can be seen in 3D.

The new DEM layer consisted of more than 600 tiles, and this is the layout:

Use this layout for choosing the tiles that you need. Open the image in a separate browser tab, it will make you easier to read the small numbers. These numbers represent the last three digit of file names.

I'm still uploading these 608 tiles, so, please be patient. Whenever the tiles are shown in the link, you can download it.

The tiles are available here.

Have Fun.